Hello cretins, FIVE new Video Disease releases are out right now:

Sterilized "Chemical Dust" 7"
Iron Youth 7"
The Flex "Wild Stabs In The Dark" LP
Stoic Violence "Chained" LP
Pretty P Cassingle


CHECK IT, FOOL: Video Disease Webstore



For those who do not know I am DRASTICALLY reducing the size of the distro. Most old stock is ON SALE for very low prices. I've brought in a few new titles you should check out, if you're not a poser:

The Flex "Flexual Healing" CS Vol. 3
Shrapnel Demo CS
Fury Demo CS
Forced Order Demo CS
Schutzqueen "Sizequeen" CS
Stupid Life "Demo" CS
Whats Good "Steppin' Outta Line" CS
Cottaging 7"
Sterilized "Zero Sum Game" 7"
Perspex Flesh LP

Peep this shit now: Distro


I printed up some new shirts, and will continue to do so. New stuff:

The Flex
Warzone "Lower East Side Crew"
Straight Ahead "Breakway"
Swans "Teeth"
Moss Icon "Lyburnum"
Atoxxxico "Punks De Mierda"
Plastic Surgery "Rivolta"
Rest In Pieces "My Rage"
Combat 84





FINALLY after months of laying dormant, Video Disease Records is back with a bang! Two new releases, plus over 70 new distro items have been added to the store! Tons of records, demos, zines, and, by popular demand, Stoic Violence tour merch!

Check out all of this and more here:

Video Disease Webstore

Video Disease Records


Umbilical Cord "S/T" 7"

Debut 7" from USHC warriors Umbilical Cord. Cold, harsh, and dissonant, Umbilical Cord play an eclectic, almost psychedelic brand of punk/HC that will leave your head spinning. Unorthodox guitars, manic drumming, and a front man that spews more than he sings, these four songs prove that innovative and inventive punk and HC are still present in a world full of imitators and spectators. For those who are looking for something a little different in their HC experience, I am incredibly proud to bring the Umbilical Cord 7" to the masses.

Mastered by Will Killingsworth for the ultimate trip.

One time pressing of 300 copies all on black vinyl.


No “The Great Space” 12”

After releasing one of the best hardcore records of 2012, No return with their second 12", "The Great Space." No has progressed immensely since their first record, honing in on their sonic assault and pushing the boundaries of what they are capable of producing. The songwriting on "The Great Space" is well-crafted, while still sounding incredibly chaotic and vibrant. The vocals gnash and gnarl, while the band cranks out every song sounds as fast and as hard as they can. No gives the illusion that things are on the brink of completely falling apart. But, this is where they truly excel; No can reel the listener back in from the point of destruction and take them where they never thought hardcore could go. This is the new breed of UKHC. No is planning on infecting the USA with their hardcore overload this Spring with USHC road warriors Stoic Violence. Mastered by Daniel Husayn for maximum earslaughter.

Limited white vinyl available for direct mail order only

Distro news:
I have added a ton of new items to the distro, many exclusive zines, demos, and records. I also added the left over Stoic Violence tour merch. Here are the links to the individual sections:

All Products







Stoic Violence Tour Merch




In true Video Disease fashion the update is two months late, but it is worth the wait. I want to thank everyone for their patience. There have been a lot of delays with the new releases, but everything is finally coming together.

Two new releases will be out 11/08/13 at 9 PM PST. The discography page has been updated with artwork and MP3 samples. As always there will be a hefty distro update to accompany the new releases.

VD-25 Umbilical Cord 7”

The vinyl debut from Umbilical Cord. Sloppy and discordant punk/HC, Umbilical Cord has created an incredibly disgusting record that will make your skin crawl. One time pressing of 300 copies.

VD-26/SSR-21 No “The Great Space” 12”

The follow up to the incredible debut from 2012, “The Great Space” finds No reaching new heights of their disastrous hardcore sound. Not for the weak. Limited color vinyl will be available for mail order. A split release with Static Shock Records in the UK.

As with every batch of new releases there will be a healthy distro update, including lots of demos that I picked up from new bands around the country on the Stoic Violence tour. None of these are to be missed!




Hi everyone, a brand new release on Video Disease is available along with a repress of The Flex "Scum On The Run" 7".

Check it out here:

Video Disease Webstore

Yadokai "Final" 7". One time pressing of 500 copies all on clear vinyl.

The Flex "Scum On The Run" 7" repress of 400 copies all on black vinyl. I only have a few of these, most of them are in the UK with Milk Run.


I am going on tour for most of the summer and I will have the distro with me, so whatever is left by July 12th is going out on the road.

Previous orders:

Previous orders are still being worked through, I have had some trouble with my post office and I am switching to the one my work uses. If you want to order the new stuff I can combine the orders with the old one. I took down t-shirts as I was getting to backed up and I am finally getting myself out of the mountain of work created.

I want to really thank everyone for their patience and their support, as most of you know I am a one man operation with a full time job, your stuff is coming and it will be with you shortly if it hasn't gone out already. Any questions please let me know.

As always the distro has a slew of new titles in it. Here is the full list:

Amenaca "Sang Calenta" 7"

Caged Animal 7"

Crimson Scarlet 7"

Death Dust Extractor "Chainsaw Mayhem" 7"

Gag "40 Oz. Rule 90" 7"

Gas Rag "Human Rights" 7"

Gobierno Militar "no Hay Opcion" 7"

Holochaos 7"

Nuclear Spring 7"

Stab "Blindness And Lies" 7"

Starvation/Negative Reinforcement 7"

White Wards "Paint Huffer" 7"

Gag "This Punk Shit Is Cool But I Hope I Am Rob Zombie When I Am 28" 12"

Sect "S/T" LP

Altered Boys Cassingle

Dribble "Demo" Tape

The Flex "Flexual Healing Volume 2" Tape

Simfuckers "You Get What You Deserve" Tape

Out soon: Umbilical Cord 7", NO new 12", Perspex Flesh 12", plus more!




Hello everyone, two new releases plus a special tape are available NOW from Video Disease Records!

Both records are in limited quantities as they are both split releases. Follow the links to purchase and for free downloads!

Rule Of Thirds "S/T" 7" (limited copies on purple vinyl available for mail order only):

Rule Of Thirds

The Flex "Scum On The Run" 7":

The Flex

Doses "Live In Waco, TX" Tape (limited to 100 copies with no repress):


As always the distro is loaded with TONS of new records, tapes, shirts, and a brand new section with custom made badges.

New shirts for Perspex Flesh and The Flex have been added as well.

Check out all of this and more here:

Video Disease Webstore


The third and final Yadokai 7" will be available next month at their last shows. A one time pressing of 500 copies, the 7" will be available at the following shows and whatever is left over will be available in the Video Disease webstore.

6/19/13- Yadokai, White Wards, Permanent Ruin, Negative Standards, and Necrot- Finca Mission, San Jose, CA

6/20/13- Yadokai, White Wards, Man Bites Dog, Delirium, + TBA- Phoenix, AZ

6/21/13- Yadokai, White Wards, Condominium, Stoic Violence, + TBA- 1725 E 7th St Los Angeles, CA

6/22/13- Yadokai, White Wards, Condominium, Provos- El Rio, San Francisco, CA


Production has started on the Umbilical Cord 7" and the brand new NO 12" (split release with Static Shock). Both of those should hopefully be available before I leave for the Stoic Violence tour. Grab what you want from the distro now as I am taking it on the road with me and I do not expect to come back with many records.


The label has no plans of stopping and will be in full force when I get back from tour. Here is a sample of what to expect:

Perspex Flesh 12" (split release with Deranged and Static Shock)
Betong Hysteria 7" (split release with Solar Funeral, this is very close to seeing the light of day!)
Ultra Violent 7" reissue (reissue of lost UK82 classic 100% authorized by the band)

Plus much more that I can't talk about at the moment. That is all for now, expect another update soon..



Brand new releases out on Video Disease in ONE WEEK on 5/13/13 at 7 PM PST/10 PM EST. Mark your calendars. Punk is back.

VD-22/NP-19 Rule of Thirds 7”

A HUGE step up from the demo, this band is pushing the limits of death rock and punk to create a unique sound all their own. Rule of Thirds present us with their best material to date in the form of a 3 song 7”.

A split release between Video Disease and Australian nomads No Patience. Copies in the USA and abroad will be available from Video Disease. Australian copies will be available from No Patience. Direct mail order is highly encouraged as there is an incredibly limited amount of copies between both labels and wholesale/trades will be limited.

VD-23/MILK-1 The Flex “Scum On The Run” 7”

After a hard hitting demo The Flex are back and better than ever. The debut 7” showcases a new powerhouse line up that crushes all fake HC (Bridge 9 we are looking at you) in their path. 6 songs, each one HARDER than the last. The Flex has been devastating live audiences in the UK and are gearing up to steamroll greater Europe in the coming months.

A split release between Video Disease and newcomer Milk Run Records. USA punks get it from Video Disease, European punks get it from Milk Run. Direct mail order is highly encouraged as there is an incredibly limited amount of copies between both labels and wholesale/trades will be limited.


The distro has been updated over the past few months with some of the best in punk and hardcore today. Along with the 2 new releases a slew of other distro titles will be available, including exclusive items not available anywhere else.

Check it out here:

Video Disease Records Webstore


All past orders will be shipped and dealt with before the update if they have not been already. Video Disease is a one person operation and things have been slow going but your items are coming. Please be patient. If you can not be I can refund you. If you have any questions please contact me:



Two new releases will be out next month: Yadokai “3rd/Final” 7” and the Umbilical Cord 7”.

I am down to the last handful of copies on past titles. No more titles will be repressed. Buy now or cry forever.

The label will be inactive between July 11th and August 18th. I will be on tour with Stoic Violence, but I will have all in print Video Disease releases with me along with a full distro. If there is anything you want get it now as it may not be available when I get back.


The Flex are embarking on a European tour in support of their debut 7" on Video Disease/Milk Run. Some help is needed on select dates.

If you can help please contact: liamfoxisthebastard@hotmail.com

5/30 Ashford
5/31 Kortrijk
6/1 Ham
6/2 Maastricht
6/3 Berlin
6/4 Gdansk
6/5 Warsaw
6/6 Wroclaw
6/8 Budapest
6/9 Vienna
6/11 Mannheim
6/14 BCN
6/15 Nantes
6/16 London


Stoic Violence is hitting the road this summer in support of their 12" on Video Disease/Katorga Works to play most of the USA. A special tour flexi limited to 250 copies will be available on this tour, it will have 2 songs from the upcoming record on Deranged/Video Disease and a bonus song unavailable anywhere else.

I will be on this tour and will have all in print Video Disease releases and the full distro with me. Come out and rage.

7/11 Tour Kick Off Show / UNIT B Santa Ana
7/12 TBA
7/13 Oakland, CA
7/14 Olympia, WA
7/15 Portland, OR
7/16 Seattle, WA
7/17 Bakersfield, CA
7/18 Phoenix, AZ
7/19 Austin, TX
7/20 Denton, TX
7/21 New Orleans, LA
7/22 Atlanta, GA
7/23 Raleigh, NC
7/24 Richmond, VA
7/25 Philadelphia, PA
7/26 Brooklyn, NY
7/27 Boston, MA
7/28 Providence, RI
7/29 Amherst, MA
7/30 Albany, NY
7/31 Syracuse, NY
8/01 Rochester, NY
8/02 Pittsburgh, PA
8/03 Cleveland, OH
8/04 Detroit, MI
8/05 Cincinnati, OH
8/06 Indianapolis, IN
8/07 Louisville, KY
8/08 St. Louis, MO
8/09 Chicago, IL
8/10 Milwaukee, WI
8/11 Minneapolis, MN
8/12 Omaha, NE
8/13 Kansas City, MO
8/14 Denver, CO
8/15 Albuquerque, NM
8/16 Las Vegas, NV




Two new releases are available from Video Disease, along with new distro items. Check it out here:

Video Disease Records Webstore

Perspex Flesh "Ona" 7"


Debut 7" by Perspex Flesh, one of the best UK hardcore bands I have heard in a long time. After hearing their demo tape I knew I had to release a record from this band, and when they sent me the final mix of these tracks I was simply blown away. This record is full of incredibly rough and nasty hardcore, Perspex Flesh takes cues from classic USHC, but manages to create their own unique sound. Ugly, nihilistic, and uncompromising, the four songs on this 7" will leave you breathless. This is hands down one of the best releases I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. Mastered by Dan Randall at Mammoth Sound for maximum impact. Limited to 500 copies on black/white mixed vinyl.

Get it here: Video Disease Webstore

Free download here

Stoic Violence "S/T" 12"


Debut 12" from this brand new southern California band. After a well received raw demo, the band decided to go a completely different route with recording techniques and entered a proper studio. The result of that session is presented here, eight songs of biting, hate-filled USHC executed to perfection. All the noisier elements of the demo tape are gone, instead the band opted for a clean, clear sound to grasp the full power of their sound. Chainsaw guitars, unhinged, out-of-control drumming, an incredibly fuzzy bass, and self-loathing vocals. The New Wave of USHC is here. Mixed at Dead Air Studios by Will Killingsworth, mastered and cut by Josh Bonati.

Artwork by Eugene.

A split release between Video Disease and Katorga Works.

Get it from Video Disease here: Video Disease Records Webstore

Get it from Katorga Works here: Katorga Works Webstore

Free download here

Video Disease is also handling all North American distribution for the Straightjacket Nation "Live on PBS" 12". Colored copies are available and are extremely limited. La Vida Es Un Mus is handling European distribution and will have a handful of colored copies as well, if you are in Europe please order from them.

NP 15:

Straightjacket Nation "Live on PBS 8/3/07" 12" (No Patience Records)

Originally released on cassette and limited to 100 copies, it’s been 5 and a half years since Australia’s STRAIGHTJACKET NATION first took to the airwaves and this incredible live set was captured. A band known around the world for their rabid live shows this recording comes closer to capturing that raw energy and power than any before or since. 11 tracks of Cleveland influenced hardcore fury for fans of 9 SHOCKS TERROR, and H100s, including a cover from short lived Sydney group MASSTRAUMA. Searing guitar meets manic cat-in-a-bag style vocals backed up by relentless bass and drums. Wild and chaotic hardcore punk from one of Australia’s finest, featuring members of THE UV RACE, DICK DIVER, PISSCHRIST, BLOODY HAMMER, TOTAL CONTROL, EAST LINK, SUCIO PODER, and more.

Here a track from the LP at: Straightjacket Nation

Watch live footage at: Straightjacket Nation Live

US/Japanese Distribution-Video Disease
European Distribution-La Vida Es Un Mus
Australian Distribution-No Patience

Get it here: http://vdrecords.bigcartel.com/product/straightjacket-nation-live-on-pbs-12

Wholesale is available from Video Disease for the Perspex Flesh 7" and Straightjacket Nation "Live on PBS" 12", and wholesale for the Stoic Violence 12" is available from Video Disease and Katorga Works. Please contact videodisease77@gmail.com or katorgaworks@gmail.com for more info.

New to the distro and restocks:

Abduction Demo tape
Asile "Kichesippi Toxique" LP
Atentado "Dias De Rabia" LP
Bad Taste/Brain Car split 7"
Black and White 7"
Breakout Demo tape
Broken Prayer 7"
Caged Animal 7"
Death Camp 7"
Endless Grinning Skulls 7"
Family Stoned 7"
Folkeiis "Destroy Agony" 7"
Flyin' Trichecos/Mr. California split 7"
Glue Demo tape
Hoax "Collection" LP
Linea Aspera LP
Lowest Form 7"
MFP 7"
Missbrukarna "Zooma In En Zombie" 12"
Night Prowler "Crime Wave" Demo tape
Pissheads "Kill Hippie System" 7"
Raw Meat "Demo" 7"
Raw Punkz 7" Compilation (Amazing Japanese compilation with Vendetta, Skizophrenia, + more!)
Sad Boys 7"
Skizophrenia 3rd 7"
Son Skull "Wiped Clean" 12"
Straightjacket Nation "Live on PBS" 12"
"This Is Austin, Not That Great" compilation tape (Breakout, Glue, Iron Youth, Recide, + more!)
Weird TV 12"
Wetbrain demo
Who Killed Spikey Jacket? 12"
Wooden Kimono 7"
Zyanose "Isolation" 7"

Links to distro items:

All products (make sure to look through the pages): VD Webstore

7"s: 7"s

12"s: 12"s

Tapes: Tapes

Zines: Zines



Almost all of the orders from the last update have shipped or are in the process of shipping. I want to thank everyone for their patience, Video Disease is a one man operation and I do my best to try and get things out in a timely fashion, though more often than not I can get behind. If anyone has any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

OUT NEXT: Rule Of Thirds 7", Yadokai 3rd 7", Umbilical Cord 7"

FUTURE: Vaccuum 3rd 7", Nervous Death tape, Betong Hysteria demo 7", Stoic Violence 7" (split release with Deranged), and a few surprises I can't talk about...yet.




Hi everyone,

I have quite a bit of news to share with all of you..


The discography page has been updated with artwork and audio samples of two new releases coming out on Video Disease in early 2013.

VD-20 Perspex Flesh “Ona” 7”

The debut 7” from the UK's Perspex Flesh is coming along very nicely and should be out in early January. The band does have some advance test press copies that they will be selling at shows. Please go out and support!

VD-21/KW-23 Stoic Violence 12”

The vinyl debut from southern California's Stoic Violence will also be released in 2013. Eight songs of powerful nihilistic US HARDCORE. The band will have advance test press copies of the 12” at their upcoming shows. The 12” will also be split released with Brooklyn, NY based Katorga Works.


Orders started shipping a few weeks ago, you will receive an e-mail confirmation with a tracking number as soon as your order ships. Keep an eye out at your favorite distros and record stores for the new releases.

If any distros or stores would like copies of the new releases please contact me: videodisease77@gmail.com


The webstore is CONSTANTLY being updated as I get new titles in. I will occasionally send out e-mails when I get new items in, but your best bet is to keep checking here:

VD Webstore


Trench Rot and Stoic Violence will be playing the upcoming Subversion Fest in Oakland, CA in December. Lots of great bands are playing the fest, if you are able to make it out I suggest you don't miss it. I will be there with the VD distro with some very cool records!

More info here: Subversion Fest

Coming in the near future:

Vaccuum 3rd 7”
Rule of Thirds 7”
Betong Hysteria Demo 7”

and much more...

Remember to sign up for the e-mail list over on the “Contact” page. Until next time...





Hi everyone,

After about a hundred delays and problems FOUR new releases are available now! I also added new t shirts, and a slew of new distro items, and we re-released a great demo tape!

To check all of this out and more please head to: VD Webstore

Here is what is officially out:

Vaginors "Total Nonsense" 7"
Trench Rot "Tyrant" 7"
White Walls "Kevin" 12"
Rule of Thirds Demo Tape.

I am also handling distribution for the following items:

Permaculture 7"
Vaginors "Nuclear Papsmear" LP

If you are interested in wholesale copies of any of these items please get in touch:


Coming soon: Stoic Violence 12", Perspex Flesh 7", Vaccuum 3rd 7", Betong Hysteria Demo 7", and much more!



Hey everyone, the official release date for the new releases is October 26th 5PM PST

Here is the official list of what will be available:

VD-16/NP-16 Vaginors “Total Nonsense” 7”

VD-17 Trench Rot “Tyrant” 7”

VD-18 White Walls “Kevin” 12”

VD-19 ASHtoDUST 7”

Rule Of Thirds Demo Tape

Along with a slew of new distro titles including: Omegas Joyboy Mix Volume 3, Wetbrain Demo, Party Plates Demo, Flying Trichecos 12”, Iron Youth Demo, Violent End Demo, MFP Demo, Shoxx Demo, Kalte Lust LP, Church Whip 7”, Manic 7”, Deformity 7”...and many more titles. There will also be a few new shirt designs including exclusive designs from Vaginors and Trench rot.

Now this won't be a mad dash to get your favorite items, I stocked up on tons of great distro stuff, and there are plenty of copies of the new releases on colored vinyl for everyone. So relax and enjoy. Remember, it's about listening to the music, not some pissing contest to try and get some over hyped and over priced hype item.

Remember to sign up for the e-mail list over on the Contact page.




Four new releases are coming in early September on Video Disease Records!

This is probably the most eclectic batch of releases yet! To sign up for the e-mail list and find out when these great records come out, click the "Contact" link on the left of the page. As always there will be a distro update with the new releases including some great exclusive items.

I have updated the discography page with artwork and sample tracks for 3 of the new releases, the ASHtoDUST artwork and sample track will be up very soon. Check it out!

VD-16 Vaginors "Total Nonsense" 7"

If you haven't heard the Vaginors you are missing out on some of the catchiest, noisiest, and obnoxiously great noise punk happening in the world right now. Their LP absolutely blew me away and I knew I had to release something for them. This band is head and shoulders above ANY other noise punk band in the world right now. Absolutely GENIUS! Taking the elements of the Swankys to a whole new extreme, the guitar pump out incredibly noisy riffs while the drums and bass bounce around with some of the catchiest punk you've ever heard while the thick nasally OZ accent wails and flails his voice to new heights of ridiculousness. To match the absurdity of the music there will be FOUR colors of vinyl available for this release! Some will be exclusive to regions, but more details on that later.

VD-17 Trench Rot "Tyrant" 7"

Latest and greatest 7" from these So Cal HC warriors. Rejecting the more traditional d-beat approach the band injects a huge amount of early USHC influence into their Discharge-tinged riffs, bringing to mind trailblazers such as the legendary Poison Idea. They are not simply paying homage though, they are jumping out from the pack of trendy d-beat and rehash HC to bring a record with an incredibly powerful sound and incredibly catchy songs. On this recording they have stayed away from the "raw ponx" trend that is sweeping Los Angeles and instead opted for a brighter and cleaner recording to capture the power that these juggernauts have.

VD-18 White Walls "Kevin" 12" EP

The newest 12" from Ohio's White Walls show's the band revisiting and reinventing a song that was released on tape by Life Rot a few years ago. The recording on the tape however did not do the song justice, and the band decided it was time to enter into a new studio for a sound different than their previous releases. The results are quite possibly the bands best, most powerful statement yet. As stated before "Kevin" has been re-recorded in the full glory that it was intended. Accompanying "Kevin" are two new songs that find the band at their peak. Somewhere between Black Flag, Shellac, and Nirvana, they've managed to find an incredibly great disjointed sound that represents all of their talents. I really think they hit their stride on this record, and the recording and mastering on this record is of the highest quality. Rounding out the record is a jaw dropping cover of The Pixies "Bone Machine" which rivals, if not surpasses the original. This cover is not simply filler material, it is done with the utmost care and precision and represents what the band is capable of and what things may come. All copies come on colored vinyl, 600 on opaque pink/fuschia vinyl and 200 on ugly olive/army green vinyl for mail order. Split release with Torn Light.

VD-18 ASHtoDUST 7"

Very dark and striking HC from the depths of central California, ASHtoDUST is a band that refuses to adhere to genre limitations. Taking elements of dark punk and HC along the lines of Rudimentary Peni and then pairing it with brooding and complex metallic riffs, the band breathes new life into a stale HC scene by offering something different. The songs on this record even have a bit of an early Neurosis or later Black Flag feel at times because of the dark and depressing riffs. Truly one of the more interesting HC records I have heard in the past few years, it blends it's influences so well it's pretty hard to nail down what exactly the band is going for, but it's very clear that they are doing it very well.


Vaccuum 3rd 7"
Perspex Flesh 7"
Stoic Violence 12"
and much more...


White Walls are embarking on a US tour in support of the "Kevin" 12" EP. They will have copies of the new 12". I am not putting mine up for sale until they are back from tour, so if you don't want to wait go and see this amazing band.

They need help in a few dates, if you can help please contact: whitewallsbooking@gmail.com

9 - Cincinnati, OH w/ Meat Mist @ Babe House

10 - Bloomington, IN w/ Pink Houses

11 - Chicago, IL w/ rectal hygenics @ MOUSETRAP

12 - Milwaukee, WI w/

13 - Minneapolis, MN w/

14 - Winnipeg, Canada w/ self interest

15 - Fargo, ND @ sacafluba

16 - Driving

17 - Missoula, MT @ Total Fest w/ Torche, Iron Lung, etc

18 - Calgary, Alberta, Canada w/ Criminal Code

19 - Spokane, WA w/ Safe Word, Rice Queen

20 - Olympia, WA w/ Brain Tumors

21 - Portland, OR w/ Lunge

22 - Oakland, CA w/ someone

23 - Bakersfield @ Munoz gym

24 - Costa Mesa @ Warehouse w/ Urban Struggles, Cielos, Gay Kiss, NASA Space Universe, Stoic Violence

25 - Los Angeles @ Blue Star Cafe w/ Tenement, Shotdown, Generacion Suicida, NASA Space Universe


27 - Phoenix w/ Tenement


29 - Omaha

30 - Kansas City w/ Meat Mist

31 - St. Louis-HELP NEEDED




Time for another distro update! This one is HUGE and has some of the best records in punk today. Included in the update: Crazy Spirit S/T LP, Kremlin 7", NASA Space Universe tour LP, new Dry Hump 7", new Slugz 7", Neon Piss LP, new Narcs 7", and TONS more. Records, zines, tapes, this update has it all. I even managed to find a handful of copies of old titles!

Head on over to VD Webstore to check it out.


I have repressed a handful of the new titles on new colors! First pressings for everything are pretty much sold out, and mail order only colored vinyl is practically gone, so if you are still waiting on getting a record on color now is your chance.

White Walls "Full Flavor" 7" has been repressed on DARK PURPLE vinyl and is limited to 150 copies. I am down to less than 10 copies on mail order only clear.

Francis Harold and the Holograms "The White Bull Weeps From Valhalla" 12" has been repressed on LIGHT PURPLE/PINK vinyl and is limited to 300 copies. The first pressing is 100% SOLD OUT.

Hunted Down "Life's Womb" 7" has been repressed on BONE SPLATTER BLACK AND WHITE MIX vinyl and is limited to 200 copies. The first pressing is 100% SOLD OUT.

New releases:

Slated for an August release are 4 releases I am very excited about!

Probably the most eclectic batch of releases I have ever done, these records are all over the map. I am waiting on the Trench Rot master and the ASHtoDUST artwork then I will post up preview tracks and artwork.

Vaginors 7"

If you haven't heard Vaginors yet then you are missing out on some of the catchiest, noisiest, most irritatingly good noise-punk on the planet. Taking the sounds of bands like Swankys to the absolute limit of good taste, I honestly think they are the best band outside of Japan doing this style right now. Catchy bass lines, and an incredibly obnoxious, nasally, snotty singer backed with all the noise and distortion you could ever want. Probably the punkest record I will ever be involved with.

Trench Rot 7"

I just got the final recordings of the Trench Rot 7" and it is CRUSHING. Just waiting to get the final master back then it will bulldoze everything into oblivion. Taking cues from Poison Idea and Discharge, this band has bucked the "raw punx noize" trend and stuck with a big clean sound, with incredible musicianship and tight song writing, I have a big feeling this will be the sleeper hit of the label (right along with Hunted Down!)

White Walls "Kevin" 12"

The White Walls master just came back and it is FANTASTIC. I say this all the time, but the band seriously keeps getting better and better and evolving into a true monster of American sleaze punk. Their magnum opus KEVIN has been re-recorded and is the best sounding version yet. The flip of this record is no slouch either though, two brand new songs and a cover (just wait and see who it is!) shows that the band just isn't good at creeping crawling songs, but that they can also write an incredibly engaging and confrontational punk song.


ASHtoDUST is a brand new entity from central California. Not confining to one genre the band is a free form expression of it's sole creator, the same mind behind such acts as House of Apparition, Black Beasts, and SHEEP. The songs on this particular release are incredibly dark and brooding with harsh tortured vocals and off kilter tempo and time changes, all brought to life with an incredible mastering job done by Will Killingsworth. I have a feeling a lot of people will be singing the praises of ASHtoDUST when this record hits.

That's it for now, expect another big update in August when the new releases hit. Thanks for your time! If you want to be taken off the mailing list please let me know.




Orders are starting to ship today, so you should be getting a confirmation number in your e-mail fairly soon. I really want to thank everyone for their patience! The records look and sound amazing, I don't think anyone will be disappointed.

Colored vinyl is really low on everything and in some cases sold out! A lot of the releases have been picked up by other distros as well, so keep checking your favorite distro as they will likely have all the new releases along with a ton of other great stuff.


I am going to start running the distro much differently from now on. I am going to get small batches of killer stuff and put it in the distro every few weeks. Make sure to check back here for updates! I want to be a go to distro for people with the latest and greatest demos, zines, reissues, and new releases.


As for the label a ton of stuff is happening this year and next. Here is a small sample of what you can expect in the coming months:

Trench Rot 2nd 7", Koma Kids 7", Vaginors 7", Betong Hysteria Demo reissue 7", ASHtoDUST 7", Veld 12", and lots more!

Thanks for the support!




Hey everyone and welcome to the biggest Video Disease Records release update EVER!

For those of you who don't want to read my big write up, go ahead and head on over to the store because 6 releases are done, along with a brand new demo tape, a new zine I put together, and over 100 new distro items!

Check it out here:

VD Webstore

For reasons beyond my control 6 new releases are out today! I didn't really intend for 6 releases to come out, but certain things got delayed and I just decided to release everything at once.

White Walls "Full Flavor" 7"

Yadokai "2nd" 7"

Francis Harold and the Holograms "The White Bull Weeps From Valhalla" 12"

Redflesh "Raw War" 7"

White Guilt "S/T" 7"

Hunted Down "Life's Womb" 7"

Also released today is the demo tape from new southern California HC juggernauts Stoic Violence.

The final thing being released today is the brand new Cold Comfort zine, reprinting rare interviews with Wretched, Final Warning, Negazione, and N.O.T.A.

All of this is available for wholesale so if you want something just shoot me an e-mail.

I am also going to stop hoarding distro stuff, I didn't really mean for it to happen this time around but since a lot of the releases got delayed it was the only thing I could do. From now on I will be filtering in distro stuff to the webstore so make sure to add me to your bookmarks and keep checking back!

I really want to thank everyone for their patience with these records, times have been a bit tough around here because I lost my job back in November, but after selling a few personal items I was able to get everything out on time.

Thanks to everyone who supports the label. I have a feeling that these are the best releases yet and that you will all be really excited for these releases! I have included free download links with all of the releases since I have been getting so many requests for them.

Thanks again, any questions please get in touch





All six of the new releases on Video Disease Records will be available in the web store on April 19th at 8PM PST, along with a ton of new distro stuff. Sign up for the e-mail list over on the “Contact” page to make sure you don't miss out.

I really want to thank everyone for their patience, it wasn't my intention to release 6 records at once but things just ended up falling into place. There will be a special package deal for all 6 releases where you can save yourself some money on shipping and still manage to get the special mail order editions of all the releases.

The distro update will be very big this time around, lots of cool tapes, records, and even a few exclusive shirt designs from Francis Harold and the Holograms.

The “Discography” section has been completely updated with artwork and audio samples.


Since I am always getting requests for digital versions of the releases I am going to start offering free downloads once the new releases are out. You do not have to purchase the new releases in order to get the free download, but it is highly encouraged.


The debut demo from Stoic Violence is finally ready for mass consumption and will be available with all five of the new releases. Although this isn't being released on the label (it's called Video Disease Records after all) I will be selling them in the webstore and distributing them to any distros or stores who are interested in carrying it. I will upload some audio samples soon.




It's been a long time without an update so I figured it's about time to make a formal announcement about the big plans I have for Video Disease in 2012.

The biggest news it that SIX new releases will be available in early 2012. The music section has been updated. The releases are:

White Walls "Full Flavor" 7"

Yadokai 2nd 7"

Francis Harold and the Holograms "The White Bull Weeps From Valhalla" 12" EP

Redflesh "Raw War" 7"

White Guilt "S/T" 7"

Hunted Down “Life's Womb” 7”

All of those should be out in early 2012, most likely around February or March. There will be limited color versions for some of the records, and there will be package deals in the webstore.


In other news I am discontinuing the snail mail list. It is just to time consuming and I can't carry the extra burden at the moment. Sorry to all of you who signed up. The e-mail list will continue to live on however, and you can sign up for it over on the "Contact" page.


In order to generate the much needed funds to keep the label going I have put some test presses of past releases on sale in the web store. I also marked a few distro items on sale, so take a look by clicking the "STORE" link on the left side of the page.


There is no sign of slowing down Video Disease in 2012, here is a sample of just some of the new releases we have planned for the new year:

Veld 7"

Stoic Violence 12"

Betong Hysteria "Demo" 7" (lost demo from the early 80's, AMAZING Norwegian HC pioneers)




Three new release on Video Disease Records are available NOW!

VD-07 性交 7"
VD-08 Crooked Cross 7"
VD-09 Cervix "Life Fucker" 7"

All of this is available here: Video Disease Records Big Cartel




As you can tell Video Disease Records now has a brand new website. I will be shutting down the old site sometime soon. Make sure to bookmark this page to get all the latest news.

Thank you for the continued support.

I want to give special thanks to Ryan Lowry who did a fantastic job building this website. If you need a website done get in touch with Ryan, you won't be disappointed.